A place where you can learn to fly without wings and touch the soul of a horse.

Nestled in the foothills of the Cape Breton Highlands is a small horse ranch with a big heart.

If you're looking for things to do on your next vacation to Cape Breton, look no further.  For a peaceful, relaxing form of recreation come enjoy a walk through our scenic trails in beautiful Baddeck, Cape Breton.

We're a place where a horse can come and learn to love again, to heal scars inflicted by mankind.  A place where you will find horses that were labeled dangerous, broken and destined for slaughter houses.  Now these precious animals are showered with love and are more than happy to do a job in the place that gave them a second chance.

Come to Rocking Horse Ranch and Rehabilitation Center to see these beautiful, restored creatures.

The Play Pen Petting Zoo: A place where animals and people come together in an interactive and educational environment. The young and the young at heart will enjoy petting, feeding & learning about the animals. Today, the Petting Zoo has a wide range of farm animals such as pigs, chickens, bunnies, goats, LLAMA , donkey, ducks and more. Petting zoo at Rocking Horse RanchThe Petting Farm is all about creating a special opportunity for children, and their families, to learn about farm animals and to experience the joy of petting them.

AT THE RANCH... Horse Assisted Therapy There will be sessions offered to special needs children or adults at the ranch. These sessions will help you learn how to think and stay calm, how to be a good friend, how to be a good listener, how to follow directions and it is great for learning social skills. Horsemanship will help with building self esteem, manners, and help them to understand their feelings. The horses and animals at the Rocking Horse Ranch all have been rescued from an uncertain fate, they have all been rehabilitated and will be very happy to help everyone learn and grow. There is flexible scheduling for individual needs. Call Dale for more information on the sessions (902.295.2743), or feel free to stop by and see this very special barn. Also, please consider sponsoring a horse or other animal at the Ranch.



horse rescued from Cameot Kill pensOn any given Wednesday evening, in an auction barn in Cranbury, NJ up to 50 horses are destined to be sent to Canada for slaughter. These horses, only through the compassion of the auction barn owner, are given until Saturday noon to find forever homes.The truck picks them up on Sunday. Many more auction barns for pick ups.

Horses of all kinds end up in the New Jersey auction. Many are not purchased during the auction and end up in the hands of the kill buyer, destined for a Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse where they will be killed for human consumption in foreign markets, mainly Europe and Japan.

They are horses of all breeds, ages, and sizes. There are foals too young to be separated from their mothers - the products of the PMU industry and the nurse mare market, riding horses and racehorses that did not run fast enough in their last race. There are draft horses who worked hard pulling families on sleigh rides, or working the fields pulling plows or carriages in New York's Central Park. Some are in need of TLC and rehabilitation but the vast majority of horses that ended up in the kill pen are in “mint” condition. Some of these horses were simply discarded by their owners, some sold unknowingly to an unscrupulous kill buyer, and some are stolen from their homes, while others are uncaringly traded in for a younger, faster, stronger model. These horses are all callously discarded. In the kill pen, their names are discarded too. There they are only known by the slaughter tag number pasted on their hindquarters.

Thanks to caring people like Dale Stone, and the network of horse rescue organizations she is part of, instead of becoming someone’s dinner, these horses, have a chance to live their lives, with new names and new owners and continue to bring happiness to countless people. At present time she has taken up 20 horses from the killpen and as time goes on there will be more At Dale’s ranch they will be used for teaching people about horses, providing riding lessons, and trail rides in the beautiful Cape Breton countryside and helping special needs children. Most however she places in approved forever homes and will continue.


New Horse recsued from Camelot

Meet the horses rescued from Camelot





Spectacular views,we loved crossing the river and the
girls are attached to the beautiful horses they rode.

The H Family from Toronto, Ontario




Always end your training session on a positive note even if it means doing something very simple.

Please make an appointment to visit the ranch - contact us by phone (902) 295-2743 or email.


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"Lucky Duck"


"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears"
~Arabian Proverb

Open Wednesday to Sunday.


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