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Breagh Breagh - Standardbred / Quarterhorse Cross
The star attraction, she is everyone's favorite.  Breagh came to us at six months old and is now ten years old.  She was Dale's first horse and was trained through her gentle method with great success.  Breagh now does weddings, parades, and anything else your heart desires, she is our most trusted horse.

Cherokee Cherokee
When Cherokee came to the ranch she was traumatized from many days of barrel racing.  She spun circles, reared and was out of control. Cherokee is now a changed horse, thanks to the efforts of a young girl named Tracy Jamieson.  Following the methods Dale uses on the ranch, a transformation has occurred. Cherokee is now calm and has hope for the future in her new home with Karen Martin.

Cheyenne Canadian Quaeter Horse Cross Cheyenne - Canadian / Quarter Horse Cross
Playful and full of games. She came to us at five days of age accompanied by her very timid and lame mother (Canadian).  Mom took many months to learn trust but she never became sound, she now is being used as a brood mare at another farm. Cheyenne, now three years is just starting training and is doing fine.
...Now owned and loved by Bhreagh Fuller.

Max Circulus Maximus - Arabian
Max, a beautiful dapple grey, registered Arabian stallion is paternal half brother to Jenny, Marcie and Gracie's son. His look-at-me attitude and dominating presence make him truly breathtaking to behold. More info and photos of Max can be found here.
...Now a happy gelding living with Ded, a perfect match.

Dakota Paint Horse Dakota - Paint
Dakota is a 4-year old piant horse rescued from Alberta ,he is currentally
in training and is already proven to be a good trail horse.

Jenny Belgium Arab Cross Jade - Morgan / Arab Cross
"Jade" ....a beautifull new lesson horse.

Jenny Belgium Arab Cross Jenny - Belgium / Arab Cross
She came to the ranch labeled dangerous from the hands of an abusive man.  He purchased her at six months old and for six years, she knew no kindness.  She was out of control and now she is a gentle giant who will try to steal your gloves if sticking out of your pockets.

Fancy Face Paint Horse Fancy Face - Paint
The first foal born here, at the ranch. Her mother, came to us pregnant from Alberta.  After a few years of drought in that province many were forced to sell their horses for very low prices to whom ever would take them to avoid watching them starve due to lack of hay.  To save these horses from slaughter houses, many people (Dale included) rescued them.  Fancy's mother (paint) was very lame and could not work again.  She is now a brood mare at another farm.  Fancy Face, now two, is a happy go lucky filly who knows no hardships.
...Now happily living with Pauline, a neighbour down the road.

Lilly Raine - Clydsdale

Rusty - Standardbred
This Is Rusty, a 5 year old standardbred. His racing career cut short by having feet that are too big. A friend gave "Rusty" to Dale in hopes that he would make a good trail horse and so far he is proven to make the saddle his second careeer.His big feet make him very steady on the trail and his gentle and kind nature will surely win your heart.
...Now happily living with Michelle, a girl who works at the ranch with Dale.


Silver Sierra Voice - Arabian
Breagh's new foal sired by "Max".. "Sierra" ..born May, 2007.
...Now my beautiful Sierra is loved and owned by Lara Kunz, a girl who works with Dale at the ranch.

Silver Silver Voice - Arabian
Beautiful and graceful.  Gracie, as we call her, came to us nervous and very distrustful.  Her life had been tragic, from being raced using spurs to surviving a barn fire that left behind massive scarring.  She has now learned a new life where people love and treat her with compassion.  She is one of our best lesson and trail horses.
...Her beauty and gentleness will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Sophia - Morgan
Sophia's mother, Jasmine, came to Rocking Horse Ranch as a P.M.U. mare (Pregnant Mare Urine) pregnant and destined for slaughter.  P.M.U. mares spend their lives standing up having their urine collected to make hormones for women. The market was flooded with these horses when companies slowed due to new results that hormones are causing certain cancers.  Many of these mares, due to lack of training, ended up in slaughter houses. Jasmine is no longer at RHR but Sophia, her now one year old filly is very happy and playful with the dogs and chickens.  She also knows nothing of the cruel world, just the loving home of Rocking Horse Ranch.
...Now owned and loved by Bhreagh Fuller.

Tosca - Percheron/Arabian Mix
Tosca is a pmu baby, the same as Jasmine. She was rescued by a caring woman from Nova Scotia, Sibylle Bechtold. She and a friend hired a man with a huge trailor and went to Alberta. They bought as many of these sad creatures who were destined for slaughter, Tosca included. They returned home and found homes for them. She personally trailored Tosca to Rockinghorse Ranch. We are very grateful and proud that she entrusted us with this beautiful soul she named Tosca.

The Minis - Willy and Oliver
Also at the ranch are two miniature horses, each standing only 30" high.  Their personalities are busting out of their fat little tummies.  Willy and Oliver belong to Dale's mother who says, "They're big enough for me."


Doc - Quarter Horse/Appaloosa Mix
Doc was purchased for a ten-year old girl as a trusted riding horse. The buyers were unaware that he was blind in one eye and soon his limited sight became apparent. Due to spooky behavior he was unsuitable for a young girl. The family heard about Rocking Horse and inquired. Doc now has a new home and is learning to live with his handicap. Trusting Dale and her lead mare, Breagh, he is making improvement. He is loved and being ridden again by ten-year old Patricia Lunn, who joins her equine friend at Rockinghorse for lessons.
**Doc will be sadly missed by all who knew him.


Willow - Arab / Percheron Mix

At twenty five years old, Willow is a senior who came to Dale very thin because her former owner had no idea all her teeth were gone.  Taking the care to provide Willow the proper diet to accommodate her missing teeth, has allowed her become nice and plump and she  is very happy.  Willow belongs to Ariel Dixon, who still keeps her at the ranch.
**Willow was put to rest in the field where she grazed in July of 2006. Her absence is felt everyday and she will be deeply missed.


Saferia - Shire mare
Her life was a sad one, arrived thin and with a touch of heaves After a year she is now fat and healthy.


Honey Dew
Adopted by Dianne Weir.


retired racehorse with one eye ...hoping he will enjoy his new job here at the ranch.

See some of the other animals on the ranch

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