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Died Feb 4, 2005
Bear's job on the ranch was accompanying the horses on trail rides so no unexpected animals would cross our path. He will be sadly be missed by all who knew and loved him. The kids who come to the ranch gave him the nickname CAREBEAR.

Dawson Dawson
This adorable little guy was dropped off by a stranger who had apparently heard Rocking Horse Ranch is the place to take rescue animals. She rescued several dogs from certain starvation in an unfit home. With no other place to go, little Dawson was left with us and is fitting in quite well.

Harley came from the SPCA and was termed unadoptable due to bad behavior. Harley had many problems but after about one year is a happy member of Rocking Horse Ranch.

March 28, 2006

Another dog rescued by Rocking Horse Ranch.

German Shepherd we rescued.

Higgins Llama Higgins
Higgins is brand new on the block A baby Llama at only six months old when he arrived, he's as cute as he can be.

Mackey Mackey
This is Mackey who Dale rescued from the local dump.Sometimes people drop kittens and cats there thinking that there is lots of scraps for them to eat.This is no life for an animal,living among garbage.Now this very kind and gentle feline gives purr therapy to whom he feels needs an loving touch.Mackey has had his picture taken with many tourists who think of him as a special cat.

Momma Momma
"Momma" and her babies dropped in a ditch close to the ranch.

Rocky Rocky
The wake up call at the ranch.  We let him think he rules the roost.

A Dog's Life It's a Dog's Life

Sampson Sampson
This Is Sampson...He was dropped here a few months ago. He had a broken leg and a very mean spirit. He is now a changed cat, he is kind to his fellow kin, even gives a kitten friend a bath. Meeting visitors who shower him with attention has made this 20 lb feline quite a ham.

One of our newer additions, Shamus is a miniature donkey. He arrived at Rocking Horse at  5 months old and lives in the front corral with Willy our miniature horse and now with Higgins, the Llama.

A bengal cat and Jose, chihuahua belonging to my partner Jimmy.

Our new baby goat, born New's Years Eve.

Momma to Lang

Mr. and Mrs Phoenix
Phoenix breed from Japan.

Mix puppy.

Dropped here when she was a puppy.

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