Dale Stone has been a horse lover since she was young.  Her first experience with horses was at the age of eight when she visited a relative's maple syrup farm in New Brunswick.  The horse's name was Fred and she sat on him bareback through the whole maple syrup run.  In those days they gathered the buckets with horse and wagon.  She felt it was the most incredible thing to sit upon such a magnificent creature and was instantly hooked.
Dale pictured riding Jenny, a horse deemed evil and dangerous by her previous owner, in the Canada Day parade.

Dale began taking lessons and rode every chance she could.  It wasn't until later years when shehad some personal hardships that she realized how therapeutic horses really are.

She began rescuing horses, dogs, etc,working with them slowly to regain their trust with the hope of seeing them prosper in the world again.

Dale has seen first hand how horses transform humans and humans transform horses and has been moved by these transactions.  This is one of the reasons she spends so much time with horses. Now she wants to share the power of horses with others and hope that others can be reborn.


God bless you ..it is people like you that make a difference in this world.
Marta Churchill



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