Many of us are unaware of the laws that govern the practice of trapping and snaring in Nova Scotia.

The owner of Rocking Horse Ranch became aware of these laws in a tragic way. On March 4, 2005 a special dog belonging to Dale Stone, owner of Rocking Horse, died a painful death in a snare set for a coyote. Bear, a border collie and shepherd mix had a job well known to visitors. He accompanied all trail rides wearing bells on his collar. He warned animals such as moose that their were people coming and the animals would scoot in the opposite direction. Bear was much loved and also known as CareBear.

On this fateful day on a trail ride Bear smelled something along the road. His nose led him to the site of a baited snare. Bear died in that snare before Dale could get off her horse and save him. Just a few feet from the road, Dale and her client heard his cries for help and saw him struggling for freedom. The horses sensing something was wrong became very agitated and unsettled. This made dismounting difficult and hampered Dale's efforts at saving Bear in time. This horrifying event made newspapers as far away as the United States and was the beginning of Dale's quest to change these outdated laws.

Since this horrible event, only minor changes have been made to these old-fashioned regulations. A group called the Trapping Awareness Project (TRAP) has been trying to get substantive changes made to the Fur Harvesting (Trapping) Regulations. Their website, gives you the background, current status and what you can do to help. PLEASE VISIT IT!

Our winter habitat, from September to March, is not safe for our pets, our children or other wildlife. To kill animals in such a manner so humans can wear fur coats, is a poor way to make a fashion statement. In this advanced world we do not need to wear furs to keep us warm. Remember this as you reach for your fur coat, the animals die a horrifying death and it takes many to make one coat. Such cruelty should not exist in a civilized world and at our children's risk is inexcusable.

The government says trapping and snaring are longtime activities and part of Nova Scotia's heritage. We say, so were public hangings and we managed to get that stopped. In England animal rights groups managed to stop the centuries old Foxhunt, in which even the Queen participated. Joined by others, our goal is to change some of the antiquated laws concerning trapping in Nova Scotia..

If you would like to join our efforts in protecting our pets and others, please following the link to

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