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Rocking Horse Ranch! 

This is an endeavour that I have been working on for a couple of years now – just over two to be exact. It all started with the purchase of a little rocking horse that I fell in love with, and then it turned into an amazing concept that has grown and flourished! It will always be a work in progress, but I am excited to share it with you.


                                 “Beauty” – the pretty little glider horse that started it all!

I had plans to work on my blog and keep it current so that people would know where things were at with the process. But I have realized that life and work can get in the way. Plus, you don’t always realized how important certain things can be until you get a chance to look back on it and fully appreciate the impact events can have in the direction life takes.

Instead, I will try to recreate the events that have brought me to the current timeframe we are at. I will try to date these blog posts with the approximate date they happened. It might happen that I will remember something and post about it out of order. Yes, my life is like that! In that case, I will post at the top of my blog for a week or so in order to let people know that it is new, then I will date it so that it shows up in the correct order – just to try to make things easier for everyone!

I am excited about sharing my Rocking Horse Ranch journey with you. I hope that you enjoy following along with me. Please feel free to comment or ask questions about anything that you read. It makes me happy to share with people and help them to smile. So if any of these posts do that for you, please let me know!

Have a Rocking Day!