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Fear…  Sometimes there is a definite reason for it. Other times, we can create our own scenarios that make things seem scary.  All of the “what if” scenarios that your mind can conjure up.  What if something happens? What if something doesn’t happen?  What if I don’t succeed?  What if I crash and burn? What if I do succeed?  What if people don’t like me?  What if they do like me?

A person that is afraid of flying may be terrified of getting onto to an airplane.  Family and friends have probably told them that there is nothing to be afraid of. They know that the result of getting on the plane will end up in an amazing things, and well worth the journey. That person wants to get there, but they are afraid to get on a plane to reach their destination.  As crazy as it may seem to others, a fear, even though it might be unnecessary, may be holding them back from big things.

I have realized that I have a fear. Not necessarily of being in an actual plane, but of flying; of trying to reach my destination. I am afraid of bringing the Rocking Horse Ranch to life.  I am afraid for all of the reasons listed above.  It is a fear of the unknown. I am not sure what is going to happen if I open it to the public, and it makes me frightened.  It is not an easy thing to admit to. Maybe if I write it down, I will be able to accept the concept that I need to work through my fear and find the destination at the other end.

Please do not think that I am challenging anyone else’s fear.  Fear is real and it is up to each of us to deal with any that we have, in which ever manner we choose to do.  This is my attempt.

I have such big plans for the Rocking Horse Ranch!  I can see it being a success.  I can see both adults and children coming here and enjoying what I have created.

I can picture everyone that visits having smiles on their faces, and there will be joy.  Children will find happiness in interacting with all of the different horses that I have on display.  They will find a favourite one and create an instant bond with that horse.  It may not look perfect, or be fresh and new, but they will still love it. Little girls and boys will sit down at the play table and create their own world around the play horses and stable.  They will feed and brush the little plastic horses, imagining them to be real.  They will jump into that life and experience it in all of its glory in their imagination. They will go home and remember special moments. They will want to come back.  Their parents will be smiling because they can see the joy in their children’s faces.

As adult visitors walk through the door, I can see their eyes opening wide as they realize just what I have created inside my ranch.  They will glance from one rocking horse to another, until their eyes land upon one that brings back memories of their childhood.  That one!  That one is exactly like the one they remember climbing onto as they were little!  They will share their memories with me – where it was located, what they called it, the amount of fun they had riding on it…  The next comment is often a version of, “Wow, I had forgotten all about that.”  Then, there is a pause as more memories pass by their eyes and they are transported back to a special time.

My “fear of flying” is my fear of being afraid to opening the Rocking Horse Ranch to the public on a full time basis.  Overcoming my fears of “what if…” will allow me to welcome people through the doors and see them expressing their joy, having fun and reviving memories.   I realize that it is up to me to face my fears.  If I can offer the Rocking Horse Ranch up as a place that can bring people joy and encourage smiles, then it will all be worth it.

Instead of being afraid to fly, I am going revel in the feel of flying.  Watch me soar!

Welcome to my Rocking Horse Ranch!